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Our Complete $283 Nevada Package Includes....


•Checking name availability, preparing state-approved Articles of Incorporation, filing Articles with state, mailing them to you.
•Nevada State Filing fee
•File stamped copy of Articles
•Registered Agent for one year.
•Shipping of Documents
•Free forms for bylaws, minutes and Stock Certificates
•Free Initial minutes
•Optimized to Build Business Credit!
•Reminders about important renewals

Quick.  Easy.  Reliable.  Everything you need with no hidden fees!

Including incorporation $194 and the first year Registered Agent $89.

We file your formation documents in Nevada. After verifying that your company name is available, we provide processing of your formation documents on the day you submit your order and ship your filed documents to you.

We provide everything you need for compliance.  Customizable templates for common corporate documents and 1 year of registered agent service are included with your formation package. This is required by the state if you do not have a physical address in Nevada.

Need a Federal Tax ID (EIN)? We offer free information to obtain an EIN for your new Nevada Corporation or LLC either online or by phone.  If you prefer to have us do this for you (for an additional fee) please specify on your order form and you will be contacted for additional information. 

Get the documents you need.  A certified copy of your articles of incorporation is provided with this package. These are frequently required by business partners including banks and other sources of financing.

Need Help with Your Nevada Initial Report?  After your formation, the State of Nevada requires immediate filing of an initial report and state business license for an additional fee.

What's Next? Once your company is formed, you will need one of two options if you plan to conduct business in a state other than Nevada.  The first is Foreign Qualification, which means you are registering your Nevada corporation with your state of business.  The second option is a Mail Forwarding Service.  Both of these services are available for an additional fee.

Why Nevada??

A compelling array of benefits are available to Nevada business owners, such as privacy, tax savings, convenience, and flexibility.

The Nevada PRIVACY Advantage:

  • Shareholder information need not be disclosed to the State of Nevada.
  • Nevada does not maintain public records of shareholder information.
  • Nevada does not maintain a publicly available database of companies' management.
  • The reporting and disclosure obligations imposed by the State of Nevada are minimal.

The Nevada ASSET PROTECTION Advantage:

  • Owners of Nevada limited liability companies (LLCs) and corporations receive limited liability protection.
  • Owners' assets cannot be seized as a result of LLC or corporate liabilities.
  • Due to the privacy protection offered to Nevada shareholders, it is more difficult for attorneys to track business owners and owners' assets.

The Nevada TAXATION Advantage:

  • Nevada imposes no income tax on either LLCs or corporations.
  • Nevada imposes no franchise tax, and minimal annual report fees.
  • Nevada imposes no tax on capital stock or assets.
  • There are no Nevada capital shares or stock transfer taxes.
  • There is no state inheritance tax on stock held by non-residents of Nevada.


  • Nevada allows one individual to act as the shareholder and, director, and to hold all the executive offices.
  • Nevada LLCs and corporations can be headquartered anywhere in the world.
  • Aside from a registered agent address, owners are not required to maintain a physical address within the state.
  • Company records do not need to be physically located in the state of Nevada.
  • Stock can be transferred instantly and privately, without filing a public notice.
  • You do not have to be a US citizen to form a regular Nevada C corporation or LLC. 
  • Nevada does not impose a minimum capital investment requirement for LLCs and corporations.
  • Written consent is accepted to serve as a binding resolution adopted by the share holders or directors to approve a particular action.
  • Nevada's Secretary of State office offers a wealth of information for managing your LLC or corporate standing.
  • Nevada corporations may purchase, own, hold, sell, transfer, pledge, or assign shares of their own stock.
  • Nevada allows stock to be issued for nearly any consideration (capital investment, services, personal property, real estate, etc.)
  • Nevada's Secretary of State's office offers a wealth of information for managing your LLC or corporate standing.
  • Directors and officers of Nevada's corporations receive generous protection (sometimes called indemnity) from personal liability.
  • Nevada LLCs and corporations can be formed without coming to Nevada by using an online incorporator like Corporate Compliance Network, Inc.

Take advantage of The Nevada Advantage by forming an LLC or Corporation in Nevada today!


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