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What is the Corporate Creditability Upgrade Package and why does my new small business need it?

Now that you have taken the wise steps to legitimize your professional small business by becoming a Corporation and plan to take your business to the next level, what else is needed?

Being pro-active in making sure that your new corporation is credible can help you improve your chances to qualify for a loan, attract new customers, and increase cash flow. Have CCN take the guess work out of all the critical and necessary steps to ensure your corporation is considered low risk including...

Corporate Credibility Process – Compliance Overview / Evaluation

Company Structure - Verify corporate status with your secretary of state and file if necessary / identify and obtain the following:

  • Incorporation / Foreign Qualification
  • Commercial Address
  • SIC / NAICS Codes
  • EIN Number
  • Business License
  • Directory Assistance / Web Presence Listings
  • Business Bank Account

  • Presentation and Branding – We identify and provide access to low cost solutions to obtain the following:

  • Logo / Letterhead / Collateral
  • Website and Professional Email
  • Business Phone Number and Professional Voicemail

  • Bureau Listings - Evaluate existing business profiles and ensure the consistency of your company’s data across multiple bureaus:

  • Establish your company’s profile with Dun & Bradstreet
  • D & B profile update, remove derogatory comments from file
  • Establish your company’s profile with Experian Business
  • Experian profile update, remove derogatory comments from file
  • Establish your company’s profile with Equifax Business
  • Equifax profile update, remove derogatory comments from file

  • Net 30 Vendor Accounts and Retail Business Accounts - Open various Net 30 and revolving accounts to establish tradeline history

  • Establish and evaluate reporting

  • In addition your credibility package includes other benefits, including legitimizing your asset protections, getting better terms on leasing office space, creating trust with partners and investors all the while putting your new small corporation in the best light possible by insuring that all of the compliance issues that separate a stand out and professionally run corporation.

    Other benefits of Establishing Corporate Credibility include being able to separate your personal and business expenses, having a professional company image, putting your best foot forward in regards to subjective decisions about your company that may include approvals, business plans, greater cash flow, new clients…the list goes on. Perhaps your new company wants to accept credit cards or checks and needs to have files established with DNB, Experian or Equifax Business. How does any potential partner check your business and verify the potential to do business with you, offer terms, or perhaps extend credit?

    Oftentimes in many industries moving from an independent worker as in construction, etc., having all of your corporation documents, websites and professional emails setup, as well as business files established with all the major bureaus can be a tremendous benefit in negotiating with suppliers, partners, and even customers. Outsourcing all of these simple components to the Corporate Credibility Upgrade Package insures they get done right and effectively.

    This All-Inclusive Package is just $595…Order your upgrade TODAY!

    Questions? Please contact our customer service team Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 pm PST at 1-888-612-2750 or e-mail support at or simply get started with everything you need to get incorporated and your documents overnight, click below to begin...

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